Partial & Full Dentures

Partial and Full Dentures in Torrance, CA

As technology and materials in modern dentistry have made many advances in recent years, the same is true regarding the comfort and appearance of dentures near you. When those advancements are combined with the experience and skill of our dentists near you at Crossroads Dental Group, it’s easy to understand why more and more patients choose dentures for their tooth replacement.

A New Day in Dental Appliances

Instead of the stigma that may have once been associated with denture wear, the advancements made in these dental appliances have made them a top choice for anyone wanting to restore their smile’s appearance and health. As the two names imply, partial dentures in Torrance are used when only a portion of a patient’s teeth need to be replaced, while full dentures (sometimes called complete dentures) serve the purpose of a full set of teeth.

There are other options for partial tooth replacement, such as dental bridges and dental implants, or a combination of these and partial dentures near you. When you visit Crossroads Dental Group for your denture consultation, our dentists in Torrance, CA, will provide you with information on all treatment options and combinations of treatment options. This customized information will include the pros and cons of comfort, durability, costs, and insurance reimbursement.

The Popularity of Dentures Near You

Our top-tier dentists in Torrance, CA, have helped countless patients restore the appearance and functionality of their smiles with dentures as one of the most cost-effective treatments in a smile makeover. When the convenience of cost is factored in with our dentists’ commitment to excellence in dentistry, patients know that their dentures will be comfortable and natural-looking.

Our Commitment to Patient Care

Our dentists near you are committed to top-tier general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry in Torrance and to using the latest technologies to ensure that your experience for any procedure is gentle. We know that visiting a dentist is outside the top of most individual’s priority lists, but we are committed to making certain that your experience at Crossroads Dental Group is as comfortable as possible. We invite you to book an appointment now to learn more about partials and full dentures near you from our dentists in Torrance, CA.

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