Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Torrance, CA

At our Torrance, CA, dental office, we want our patients to need the least amount of treatment possible. Therefore, the goal is for children to develop into adulthood with the fewest dental restorations. Then, they will have a much lower risk of having future oral health issues.

How Dental Sealants Near You Work?

Sealants for sensitive teeth are a highly effective preventive measure. The clear, protective layer can reduce the number of cavities developed throughout childhood. Dental tooth sealant can lower the amount of decay dramatically.

The chewing surfaces of teeth are covered in deep fissures and grooves. Some pits run into the center of the tooth. If you view these crevices under a microscope, they resemble the look of a deep canyon. Moreover, many are very narrow, thinner than a toothbrush bristle. But bacteria can enter openings of any size. As a result, back teeth provide the perfect hideout, making it easy for cavities to form.

The Benefits of Sealed Teeth Early in Life

If adult molars are sealed at a young age, the patient will likely avoid developing cavities in those teeth. Furthermore, the process of applying sealants is fast, simple, and pain-free. It can be done quickly and without anesthetic. The clear plastic material makes for a smooth surface. It fills in the pits and grooves, keeping bacteria and food particles out. Sealed teeth are also easier for youngsters to keep clean.

The protective material is applied to the back molars and hardened with a curing light. In a matter of minutes, the procedure is complete. Then, your child will have cavity-fighting protection for many years.

Cavity Sealants at Crossroads Dental Group in Torrance, CA

With proper oral care, dental sealants should last up to a decade. However, they may need to be replaced or repaired occasionally. Research has shown that tooth decay can be reduced by 90 percent when molars are sealed. So, dental sealants are a simple and affordable way to safeguard your child’s smile. As a result, there will be fewer fillings and other dental work in the future. Contact Crossroads Dental Group now to learn more about our preventive dentistry solutions.

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