Dr. Rosi Shrestha, DMS

General Dentist

Dr. Rosi Shrestha is a multi state Board Certified Family friendly dentist with years of experience making every smile count. She is an outstanding general dentist with years specializing in family and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Shrestha was voted #1 dentist in Marina Del Rey.

Dr’s Note

My name is Dr. Rosi Shrestha. It will be my pleasure to provide for all your dental needs.

I have been practicing family and cosmetic dentistry for many years and I love what I do! I strive to always provide excellent care while keeping you comfortable and happy. My dental team and I are proud to bring you a full line of dental services including techniques and leading edge technology that have proven to make a big difference.

A little about me…

Hailing from the beautiful Himalayan country of Nepal, I eventually moved to California to be with my now husband, a native Californian. We initially meant in Nepal but that is another story. We are the parents of a three-year old who is anxious to be four.

I have extensive training both here in the US, where I completed my doctorate and post graduate programs, as well as in southeast Asia where I graduated from a leading dental school. I practiced in South Florida before moving to California. I was practicing in the heart of Marina Del Rey for seven years and I was ecstatic to move my practice to my own office in Torrance earlier this year. Come see me!

Thank you,. I look forward to serving you now and in the future.

Most Sincerely

Dr. Shrestha

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